Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rajon Rondo wants to crush the Hawks playoff hopes

The Hawks and the Celtics have clashed in the playoffs a couple of times in the past 6 years, and this Wednesday will be a little different from those heated battles. The Celtics are out of the playoff picture, and Rajon Rondo wants to hurt Atlanta's playoff hopes by beating them Wednesday night.

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Next on the schedule: The Atlanta Hawks, who have the inside track on the Eastern Conference’s final playoff berth. Rajon Rondo would be OK with Boston hurting the Hawks' odds.

“We want to be that team," the guard said. "Hopefully we can mess up Atlanta’s record a little bit more (Wednesday) and knock those guys out of the playoffs. Who knows? Every night when I got out there, I try to compete and win. It’ll be a good game (Wednesday) and we’ll compete.”

At this point, you need to find something to play for, and this is something new for Rondo. He was usually on the other side of the coin before this season. Stevens on the other hand, doesn't care much about being the spoiler.

“I don’t get a lot out of that,” the head coach said prior to Tuesday’s practice. “I think it’s more about focusing on us.”

“It sounds like a broken record,” Stevens said. “I want to execute better, I want to execute longer, I want to do tougher things more often, and do it for 48 minutes. I think, at times, we’ve done close to that, but very rarely for 48 minutes. You’d like to see the details play themselves out as far as doing every little thing right on every possession.”

Stevens is focused on his team, and what he sees on the floor, and that's why he's been so good this season. Rondo is great because he wants to win every game, and he's able to find ways to motivate himself. This is one of those self motivation moments, playing the heart breaker for Hawks fans.

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