Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rondo on the Celtics embarrassing loss "Just a bad night "

There was a time during last nights first quarter, when Rajon Rondo took over when the Celtics were in the dumps. They were down 19-4, and Rondo made 5-of-8 in the first for 10 points. Rondo only scored 3 more points in Wednesday's game against the Wizards, and it just wasn't the Celtics night at all.
"Just a bad night. There’s no excuses about what’s happened in the past. Every game is a new game. Every day is a new day. Can’t blame anything on the past."

That's a very positive response from Rondo. The Wizards came out wanting something (A playoff birth), and the Celtics looked like a team going through the motions. That's why Rondo put the C's on his back in the first. Brad Stevens called a timeout 2 minutes into the game after the Wizards jumped out to an 8-2 lead.

Rondo didn't put the offense on his back after the first quarter, and he didn't play a second in the 4th, when the Celtics were out of reach at that point. Brad Stevens waived the white flag after the Celtics were out scored 32-16 in the third quarter. Rondo wasn't able to lead a comeback in the 4th, and Stevens did the right thing sitting him in the 4th.

The Celtics got back into the game in the first half, and were down just 11 heading into halftime, and Rondo pretty much explained the Celtics coming out in the third and laying an egg.

"We were feeling pretty good going into the half. But the second half, pretty much deja vu. We didn’t come out with any energy and they did start off the game same as the second half."

"It’s still a hard game to swallow. Like I said, they were in control the entire game. We made runs, but every time they had answers for us. They just ran us out the gym."

Things were so rough that Stevens went with Joel Anthony. A guy who has barley seen any action since being traded to the Celtics a couple of months ago. The Celtics checked out of this game early on, and despite the runs made in the first half, led by Rajon Rondo. This team looked defeated.

Jeff Green, Kris Humphries, looked like two guys planning a vacation. Green was 3-of-13 against the Wizards for 13 points. Hump played just 10 minutes, but he did shot 3-of-5 for 6 points. Bass was also off, with 8 points in 15 minutes. Hopefully the Celtics get their act together when they see one of the worst teams in the past decade in the 76ers.

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  1. Yeah, this team has checked out. Rondo wisely didn't go for heroics. The main thing the rest of the way is that Rondo not reinjure himself.