Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rondo trade talks were serious before deadline, Ainge says nobody is safe this offseason

Nothing new in Celtics nation. Rondo almost traded? Danny Ainge putting the team on notice that nobody is safe. Ainge in some ways is brutally honest, I guess that's the best way to think about it. But their is a certain coldness to it all. I guess I rather hear him say that nobody is safe, compared to being lied to. I'd rather hear Ainge say that Rondo is his guy. But Ainge isn't that way, and he'll never be that kind of General Manager.

All Rondo can do is focus on the upcoming season. Let his game do the talking, and like so many of you guys have said. Rondo needs to stay in Boston this summer. Ainge is who he is. Do I like it? At times, but when it comes to his dealings with Rondo. I just don't like it. A little more respect for the guy? Maybe, I'm being a bit naive. But so many players out there don't deal with this. Rondo's one of the best, and he's not safe right now, and I find that sad.


If the Celtics are looking to deal, everybody on the team is fair game. Yes, even Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger. Hey, Ainge did trade Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett last year - is anything really a surprise after that? He was asked if anybody on the team was off limits.

"No, we're in a situation where we can't be. And I would say that's the case most years," Ainge said. "I tell all the players, even the great ones - Paul and KG - it's my job to make the Celtics better. And if somebody does something and makes an offer that makes us look a lot better in the long-term and short-term, I have to look at them. But there's players that I anticipate being here and I'm not as actively pursing to trade in trades than others. But yeah, nobody can be completely off limits."

Ainge talked about his and Rondo's relationship. And according to Danny, everything is cool between the two. I know if I was Rondo I wouldn't be really okay. I would say that to my boss, but in the back of mind I wouldn't be.

"I don't know. I think he handles it well," Ainge said of how Rondo takes it. "I've talked with Rondo - we have a good relationship, we've talked a lot. I think that players genuinely - I know as a player myself I would have appreciated more honesty, I would have been able to deal with life a little bit better - I know that there's a lot of players that have shared with me how much they appreciate the honesty. It's really the only way I know how to operate with them. And maybe because I was a player and coach. We're big boys. They can handle it and they understand the business. They have agents to call. But I feel like it's the best way. I owe Rondo. Rondo has been a great player for us. He has been a four-time All-Star and I owe him to be honest in my opinion."


  1. Well, I think Danny has sociopathic tendencies. Yes it's adult to be honest, but it's also adult to recognize that one size does not fit all, and that a team has to be loyal to its players to expect them to be loyal back. People act like this is an either or situation, that you must always have your players on the platform waiting for the Ainge Express out of town, or you must give them ironclad promises not to trade them. No. The right approach is that the more important a player is to the team, the more status they have with the team, and the more certainty they have about their future with the team. Of course this can never be absolute. Remember Easy Ed?

    The thing is, Rondo and Danny may not be as far apart as they may seem. If Rondo follows through on setting aside his promotional activities, and if he follows through on staying in Boston, and if he follows through by working on his game, and especially his shooting, as he has never done before, he can take the initiative, essentially forcing Danny's hand, but in a good way. The best possible outcome might be, if he does all this, to sign a team-friendly extension this summer, giving up some money, but with a trade-kicker or a no-trade clause.

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