Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stat Geek: Rajon Rondo's passing by the numbers

Are you guys ready to geek out to these numbers? It's hard to judge Rondo on the numbers during his half season(28 games played). He's trying to be who he was before the injury, with less targets to hit. I will have to say. Rondo's numbers are solid across the board despite any handicaps this season. So, lets dive right into Rondo's number so far, with about 5 games to go for Rondo.

The simple, basic stat, the old fashion grade for point guards. Rondo has increased his assists per game since his first couple of weeks. Going by some of the numbers, Rondo would be averaging around 11 assists per game after his first month where he averaged 5.9 a game. Here you see, Rondo is an assist per game away from the crowned prince of point guards, Chris Paul.

So how about passes per game? Well Rondo ranks number 2, like he does in assists per game.

So where does Rondo rank in the other areas?

Free Throw Assists: Rondo ranks 6th with 0.9 a game. I think you know what a free throw assist means. Here's a screen shot of the definition.

On the next stat. I wish Rondo would rank higher than 18 next year. The stat is the secondary assist. Rondo averages 1.5 a game, with Chris Paul leading the way with 2.2 a game. Here's another screen shot of a definition.

The next stat has Rondo in second, just a shade under Chris Paul. Rondo averages 19.8 with Assist opportunities per game. As for Chris Paul, he averages 20.1 a game. The definition is as follows for this stat.

"Passes by a player to a teammate in which the teammate attempts a shot, and if made, would be an assist".

The last stat that matters, is points created by assists per game. Chris Paul again edges Rondo out. Rondo is second with 22.5 a game,and Chris Paul is first with 24.9 a game. As many of you know. I don't hold stock in numbers. I tend to let the art on the floor guide my views a bit more. Rondo is right there on almost every stat. By this time next year, Rondo will be ranked number one in almost every category. Mark my words.

Source is NBA.COM for the stats.


  1. Basically, Rondo is out-assisting Chris Paul, if you discount Rondo's first month, and that's with basically no one to pass to. So much for 'he couldn't do it without the HOFers'

  2. Rondo with some bigger name players would be in rare form right now. The numbers don't lie.