Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stevens disappointed in the Celtics, and he let them know it

I wake in the night, with the cold air from the open window cooling my over heated mind. Your words, and your face, and your voice tell the story after the Celtics loss. Yes, I'm talking about Brad Stevens after the Celtics embarrassing letdown to Philly.

I squeeze my eyes hoping the crap that I just saw was nothing but a blimp in Brad Stevens career in Boston. I know he's a much better coach than his record, and I know most of you know that as well. His disappointment hits home for all of us. Even if your a pro tanker, this one hits the core. Losing to the 76ers at home no less, is a hard pill to shove down your throat. Checkout Brad Stevens with Abby Chin following the 111-102 loss.

CSNNE Interview following the game here

Brad Stevens did take some blame during his press conference following game.

"We’re not pulling in one direction right now, and that’s got to be the responsibility of the Head Coach. So I would say that your assessment of our play tonight is spot on from comparing it to Wednesday, but I do think that Philadelphia came out and they moved the ball. They moved bodies, (Michael) Carter-Williams was fantastic, Henry Sims dominated the paint for them. And they’ve been a hard-playing team the whole year, and I’m sure they’ve had their down moments, obviously, throughout their losing streak. But tonight wasn’t one of them; they played well, we played not well. That’s that."

Stevens perhaps should have made the change, inserting Olynyk and Sully into the starting lineup. He needs to play these guys together as much as he can. Maybe this team sees the season ending soon, and they've given up a bit, and Stevens addressed that with the media.

"That may be the case. I hope that’s not the case. I said in there, ‘I’m going to swing, swing hard until 10:00 or 10:30 on April 16th, our last game, and I want whoever’s going to swing – let’s go. Let's play. Let’s get after it.’ You know, it is a long year, but sometimes you need to dial yourself back to ‘it’s a game that you really enjoy.’ And take the outside pressure off, take the how-you’re-playing-the-last-game off, and just play with a clear mind and with freedom. Sometimes that’s hard to do and you don’t start well. But we need to do that with the last six games. We need to play better than we’ve played the last two. Got no problem with our effort prior to these two, but these two, we got the result we deserved."

Rondo said the Celtics need to play with pride, and that will be put to the test after Boston has lost 7 in a row..


  1. You can tell from his words and his demeanor that he is a great coach. He's really won me over, anyway. Hopefully he and Rondo will devise a better offense over the summer, hopefully those two and Danny will work on making some helpful changes. Man you could really see the pain in his face, and in Rondo's face too. It was subtle,but deep.

  2. Totally agree werkshop. They knew this was a game they could win, and the others failed them in a way. It was a moment of disbelief for them probably. Their demeanor was genuine

  3. Yup. Looked real to me. They were hurting.