Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Celtics are projected to pick 5th if the season ended today, would you trade the pick?

I'll be honest. I want the Celtics to use their lottery pick in a trade for a superstar. Yes, it sounds like a dream. I know Ainge can't snap his fingers that easily. I feel like this draft is over hyped, and I think a top 3 pick will set the Celtics back, more than helping the Celtics. It may help the Celtics 5 or 6 years from now.

But as this roster stands. The Celtics have a top 5 point guard, and still the best play maker in the game. Rondo is a guy that should be the key focus to build around. The Celtics desire should be on established veterans, who are All-Star type players. As I always say. Easier said, than done.

If the Celtics get the top pick, than I don't see a need for Rondo, and that's not what I want. No rookie will come in and help Rondo lead this team back to the playoffs, or to become a contender again. But a player like Kevin Love with Rondo would be the right step in my book. I'm probably wrong, but I think Boston has a small window with Rondo, and if they really want him. They'll look at the best ways to maximize him, and that's not with a 20 year old. If it was Lebron coming into the NBA, than yes. That 20 year old would help. But there is no Lebron in this years draft.

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The Celtics have an easy schedule the rest of the way. I expect them at the 5th spot at seasons end.


  1. Hard to say. I'd consult with Rondo on it. Probably trade it.

  2. I agree, I don't think a kid will come in and put the Celtics in contention. Look at so many picks that are busts. Wasn't Evan Turner picked like number 2 or something, and look at him. I would love to trade it for a guy who's a proven guy like Love.

  3. Even though we trade that pick, we have to make sure we'll get that star you're referring to. What if we can't get that star, then we should keep the pick. If we keep the pick, we still have enough assets to get a top player. Say we got Wiggins, we can always trade 4 1st rounders, 2nds, Jeff Green and possibly be able to get Love from Wolves.

  4. It doesn't have to be a proven talent we trade for though. Could be someone with lots of potential looking forthe right situation