Monday, April 7, 2014

To this day, Avery Bradley can't watch the clip where Rondo dislocated his elbow, and I can't either

Avery Bradley had a diary entry over at ESPN Boston, and he talked about his up and down year, and dealing with injuries. He also spoke about Rondo as a TV analyst, and about Rondo's stitches.

ESPN Boston

Rondo did some TV analyst work on one of our games. I didn’t really check it out because I was playing at the time. I can’t see myself doing that. Being honest, it’s just not me. Speaking of him, he recently got some nasty stitches right between his forehead and nose. But that’s not the worst injury I’ve ever witnessed, the worst also involved Rondo. When he dislocated his elbow, to this day I can’t even watch it. I was on the bench and saw the replay and never wanted to see that again.

I'm with you Bradley. I haven't watched that clip often, and honestly I haven't watched that game again. Which is rare for me, I usually watch games again, but this wasn't a game for my eyes. Which is weird, it was a great game for Rondo's lore as a player, but Wade's dirty play turns me off, and the aftermath. Maybe it's time I find the DVD and tune in.

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