Sunday, April 27, 2014

(Video) Adam Silver addresses Lebron comments about Sterling, and the NBA investigation on the racist owner

I'll give Lebron James some praise, which doesn't happen often, if ever really. But his comments on the racist owner in LA is exactly what should happen.


"I have kind of wavered back and forth if I would actually sit out," James said. "If our owner would come out and say the things he said I would have to sit down with my teammates and talk to my family because at the end of the day, our family and teammates are way more important than that. Basketball is huge and the playoffs have been unbelievable so far and I hate that something has to come out."

James went on to talk about Adam Silver and the process.

"I can only imagine if a player came out and said something of that stature, what would happen to us as players," James said. "I believe in Adam (Silver) and I believe in the NBA and they have to do something very fast before this really gets out of hand. But like I said, there is no room for Donald Sterling in our league."

So where does Silver stand? He played it nice during his press conference. I touched on James' comments, and others feelings. It's early to say what's next for the owner, thankfully banned him from Sunday's game in Oakland.

"All members of the NBA family should be afforded due process and a fair opportunity to present their side of any controversy," Silver said. "The core of the investigation is understanding whether the tape is authentic, interviewing Mr. Sterling and interviewing the woman as well and understanding the context in which it was recorded."


  1. Lebron makes a good point. What would happen to a player? On the other hand, it would make a difference if the comments are private.

  2. Doc Rivers made such a mistake. Sterling should lose his team.