Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(Video) Brad Stevens says: "I think we can get better" after Celtics season finale

The Celtics finished with a 25-57 record. With Rondo coming back a year stronger after ACL surgery next year. With Olynyk gaining a great deal of confidence in the final three games this season, and with overall confidence in each other. The Celtics should be much better regardless of what Ainge does. This group will be better, and Brad Stevens will be even better with a year under his belt.

"I think we can get better. I think we can get better. Unlike, you would think at the end of a season like this, I’m not concerned that we aren’t going to strive to get better, if that makes sense. I think we will work, I think their work-ethics are good, I think their coachability is pretty good, and I think that the one thing that they never really did, you know maybe here or there, there was a line or two, you all know better than I do because you’re the ones asking them, they never really splintered.

Things like this can splinter you pretty easily, and they stayed together pretty well as far as standing up for one another and being a team and not pointing blame, and it’s been a pretty good group from that regard, and that gives you a chance to improve. You know, it’s the old adage that you can’t improve without accountability, so that gives you a chance moving forward."

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  1. Even if Ainge made no moves this team shoudl improve