Friday, April 11, 2014

Video: Life without Rondo

I made this video a year ago. I thought I'd share it again.


  1. I like it that Heinsohn called Rondo out for slowing the ball down too much. Heinie loves Rondo, so count that as tough love, not hate. To me, Rondo is such a unique and creative player. He got me excited about the game again. He represents what makes basketball a great game. But to be a truly great player? We need to build this team around him. To do anything else strikes me as crazy. When he came back this year, his mastery was greater than ever. Once he got into his stride, he was dishing assists at an 11pg rate, and that's with basically no one to pass to. You see other players routinely imitating Rondo's signature plays now. When he has the ball, the entire defense is often mesmerized by him. Give the man a finisher. Back him up on defense with a rim-protector. To go looking for a talent to build around when we so obviously have one is crazy if you ask me. But will Rondo make the commitment to being great? Will he work on his bad habits on offense and defense? Will he put in the hours to connect better with his teammates and to raise his perimeter shooting to the point where it becomes a real weapon in his 'arsenal'? Why not put in the hours to make that three a feared thing? Does Rondo want to raise his game that way? Does he want to be great? He has his own life with his own priorities. Maybe those matter more. Family. Friends. Other interests. There's so much more to his life than basketball. But I hope Rondo spends the summer in Boston. Work with Stevens. Work with teammates. Work on the game. The season that will define Rondo's career is coming up. Now is the time to leave it all out on the court, starting with summer prep. Coach at summer league. Perfect your game. Rondo can make a mark on this league that it will never forget. He has that kind of talent. But the time to bring it all together is now.

  2. Love the music choices, Shawn!