Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(Video) Rondo talks about the season after final game

Danny Ainge has placed big expectations on Rondo next season. Ainge has said that Rondo will have his best year in 2014-15. I agree, if Rondo builds off some of the good things from his short 30 game season, then Rondo should be at his best. Rondo could have a historic season, if Ainge is able to provide a star or two for Rondo.

Rondo missed 3 of his last 5 games this year. This season wasn't supposed to be his coming out party. Despite being named captain, and being the sole leader of the Boston Celtics. Rondo's confidence was peaking as the season was ending. Regardless of Ainge's potential big summer. Rondo has some nice young players to build off of.

Rondo also says that he wants some input in Danny's offseason.

"Every team is different. This is new, me being the only guy here back (from) when Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were here. It's still no different. I still think I have been involved. Danny Ainge has always been in communication with me and what he has planned and what he has in store for this team."

"A good group to play with and a lot of great guys. A lot of young guys just trying to be better."

"Motivation for next year. We have a lot to work on and I look forward to next year."

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