Monday, April 21, 2014

What will it take for Rondo to become a Hall of Fame player?

Rondo has a ring, and he's racked up some great performances in his playoff career. Rondo has been an All-Star, and an All-NBA player, along with being an All-NBA defensive player as well. Rondo has two assists crown, and he's also made a career as a triple-double machine. Rondo is entering his prime, and it doesn't help his chances that the Celtics could fall short this summer. Danny Ainge and the Celtics front office could miss out on bringing talent to Boston to help Rondo lead the Celtics back to the playoffs.

The ball is in Rondo's court. It will be up to him when it's all said and done if he wants to take that next step into becoming a possible Hall of Fame player. It will take health, in which he can't control, and it will take Ainge and Stevens building the team around Rondo. Winning another championship will give Rondo a legit chance. Numbers will of course help his case, but leading teams to banners matters when you want to reach the Hall of Fame.

As Celtic fans, we've seen Larry Bird, Bill Russell, and future Hall of Fame players like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. We know what it will take for Rondo. He's on the right track, and I believe what he does in the next 4-5 years will decide his fate. He hasn't done enough yet to be a for sure Hall of Famer. Rondo is on the right track, and it will always come back to him. This coming summer, and season is the next step in his quest of greatness. Winning is the ultimate maker for success.


  1. He needs to lead another team to a championship, and he needs to take his game to the next level. He already has a packed resume. But there is another step to take, and we all see how hard that step is to take. It's about leadership. It's about consistency. It's about both ends of the floor. It's about health. It's about seeing the game past your own numbers. It's about fixing the holes in your game. IT'S ABOUT THIS SUMMER.

  2. Championship or bust for Rondo. KG had the MVP and Paul Pierce has the stats, along with a Finals Mvp. Rondo will need another title, or at least another Finals under his belt.