Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What will the next season look like for the Boston Celtics?

The Boston Celtics will enter the 2014 – 2015 season looking to make the difference. After a season in which the team performed a couple of blockbuster deals, which took away core members of the team but also gave a hope for a better future to the C’s. So how will the Boston Celtics look like next season? Let’s see.

Celtics 2014

The Boston Celtics can be certain about two out of their five positions in the starting lineup. Rajon Rondo will be the starting point guard and the center piece around which the C’s will build. The Celtics hope to have their superstar point guard at his 100 percent, because Rondo was not as dominant this season as he was prior to his injury.

Jared Sullinger will be the starting power forward of the C’s next season. Sullinger proved that he has tons of potential when he is healthy. He is a very versatile big man who averaged 13.3 points and 8.1 rebounds per contest in the 2013 – 2014 season.

The Boston Celtics will need to find some upgrades at the shooting guard, small forward and center spots.  There are lots of options available for Boston. They could trade away Jeff Green to get a solid center like Greg Monroe in exchange. Green was involved in numerous trade discussions earlier into the season and Monroe seems to be a good fit in the C’s mix.

Normally, the Boston Celtics played Avery Bradley at the shooting guard spot, but since Bradley will be a restricted free agent this summer, he might be too expensive for Boston to re-sign. So the C’s could end up turning towards a player like Gordon Hayward, who has strong ties with the Head Coach of the team, Brad Stevens. Hayward could be a great contributor when it comes to scoring and also spacing the floor and he seems to be a good fit alongside Rondo. Finally, the C’s could draft a small forward using their first – round pick in the upcoming draft.

The C’s hope to find some solid contributors off the bench next season, too. Thankfully, the big fat contract of Kris Humphries expires this summer and that means that Gerald Wallace, Brandon Bass, Kelly Olynyk and most probably Jarred Bayless will form the main reserves’ tank.
Of course, what Danny Ainge targets to is not the next season but a better long – term future instead. The Celtics hold a bunch of draft picks over the next four years and this means Celtics fans should be patient and have faith to Ainge’s plans.

Don’t expect the Boston Celtics to contend for the title next season. In fact, you could expect to see them failing to even make it to the playoffs. However, Celtics fans can now start seeing that the team is gradually finding its way. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, the team heads towards that direction over the next few years.

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  1. Move Wallace's contract!

  2. Wallace can play a good bench role

  3. a trade or two to get aggressive defensive center/powerforward, good shooting guard with experience,may have to trade a #1 pick down the road for quality players,so freeagents,draft choices,right trades,red told us trade to improve only,don't trade just to trade,nice to sign another scout they need more vision in front office,where's red auerbach when you need him?

  4. trade scenario, trade 2017#1 draft choice,joel Anthony,gerald Wallace,jeff green,brandan bass,for overall #1 draft choice in 2014,plus that teams #1 draft pick in 2015 . also trade olynk and Courtney and #1 draft pick in 2015 for 2014 #1 ,2015#1 from a 500 or less club

  5. Sadly, there will be players that we love traded. Much like 2007. Or with Danny for that matter.

  6. I would love to see Danny trade UP to get Embiid. He would be the center for the next 12 years. That's what they need more thatn anything. Also, Olynyk is your PF. Let those two trees grow together. Package Sullinger and picks to get Embiid. Green is fine when he's not the first scoring option. Next season they can draft a small forward.Keep your back court as is. Sign Bradley and keep Rondo. Now you have experience and youth. In two years, they will contend. No blockbuster's, they are closer than it seems.

  7. Monroe is a power forward. Drummand is the center in Detroit.

  8. That's what is so striking, anon - folks calling for us to have a 'real center' keep trying to get us to bring in or draft people who aren't even centers! Sully is a center. He has the mentality of a center, the determination to impose his will around the basket. IF he improves his lower body strength this summer, he'll be able to increasingly push other players around even if they are taller than he is. Let's find a pf with length and shotblocking ability to put next to him.

    1. werkshop, I agree we need a center, but Sullenger is not the one. All he can do is rebound. He plays loose defense, can't block shots, he is a poor shooter and he throws up 3's at 25%. Trade him with a couple of picks and get Embiid. He will transform their team by his second year. Also, we have a PF with length. Olynyk. He has all the offensive tools to be a 20ppg scorer. He is 7' tall, rebounds and will block shots. His defense needs maturing, but If those two kids start next year and nothing else changes, they will win 40 games.

  9. Olynyk doesn't really have length, Johnny, because he has short arms. I do like the kid a lot, but I like him most as a sixth man, coming off the bench, so his smarts and hustle really pay off. To be a center, Sully has to keep getting better, but he has already come a long way. He needs more power in his base to really move people around the basket. If he doesn't work on his strength this summer, he won't be the answer at Center, I'll say that.