Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's going on in the 2014 NBA Playoffs?

This years playoffs are slightly off, or not going to plan. The Pacers are down 2-1 to the Hawks right now, and the two wins by Atlanta are convincing. The Hawks pulled away with a 98-85 win in Atlanta. The Pacers down 2-1 is still shocking to me despite how they finished the season. The Pacers feel their opportunity slipping. If the Pacers lose this series. Vogel will lose his job, and you can expect Bird to make some changes.

"We have a dream of winning it all," George said. "We've got to be much more tougher than that. I don't think it's there. Our toughness is questionable right now."

After scoring 29 points in Game 2, George struggled from the floor, going 3-for-11 from the field, and finishing with 12 points. I still expect the Pacers to rally back, and perhaps snag the next three games.

Now, what's up with the Thunder falling down 2-1 now. I know the Western Conference is deep, but how can the Thunder be down 2-1? The Grizzlies walkaway with back-to-back overtime wins. This series could easily be 3-0 Thunder, and more so than the Pacers. The Thunder should rally to win this series.

Game 4 is Saturday night in Memphis. The Thunder, who had the NBA's second-best record in the regular season, must figure out how to shoot better against Memphis. Last season Memphis ousted the Thunder in the conference semifinals in five games last year. That was without Westbrook.

The Grizzlies defense has put a hold on the Oklahoma City in the final two games. After holding the Thunder to 39.8 percent shooting in Monday night's win, the Grizzlies held them to 39.1 percent shooting Thursday night. I just can't see Durant letting the Thunder lose this series.

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  1. Memphis always looked like a solid team, but I thought they had no chance of winning against the Thunder, instead they're proving to be really hard to beat.
    I don't know what's going on in Indiana. I root for them but they don't look like the fighting team we've got accustoomed to see in the last couple of years.