Monday, April 28, 2014

Where does Rondo fall with the point guards in the playoffs?

Rondo's legend began with his playoff greatness. With the Celtics out, and with many of his peers making names for themselves. Rondo's value around the league seems to be question, or at least forgotten.


Perhaps the best series so far has been Houston-Portland. In Damian Lillard's first postseason he's more than stepped up, hitting countless clutch shots so far.

Along with LaMarcus Aldridge, Lillard has the Rockets on the cusp of advancing to the second round as they hold a 3-1 series lead.

When you talk about the best point guards in the NBA, Lillard hasn't been in the discussion, but Rajon Rondo has. But does a series like this change things?

In fact, when you look around the league and see point guards like Lillard, Washington's John Wall, Atlanta's Jeff Teague, Golden State's Stephen Curry, among others, it kind of makes you think differently about Rondo - or does it?

Does watching the play of some of the point guards in the playoffs change your opinion - or value - of Rondo?

Let us know in the comments section.

I think Rondo is still a top 5 point guard, but this years playoffs should light a fire underneath him. Lillard seems like a great talented point guard. Wall has taken the next step, and for Curry and Parker. They're already great. Rondo needs to prove his worth all over again. That's great news to me. Rondo needs more motivation.


  1. The only takeaway for Rondo, if you ask me, is that he needs to improve on the defensive end, pick up the pace, and finally nail down a consistent shot. Beyond that, what has happened this year shows how fickle NBA fame is. If you take away the first couple of weeks of Rondo's return, I think he actually would have had a higher assist average than the league leader. Rondo's main basketball crime was being injured for a year and having his team take apart underneath him. Somehow the league has come to interprete this as meaning that Rondo's not much. Jalen Rose was openly mocking the idea that Rondo could be traded for Westbrook! Really, Jalen? You don't think the best playmaker in the game is worth much, huh?

  2. Rondo will be back. Him being low key right now is what the kid needs.