Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Will Rajon Rondo watch the playoffs "No"

The Celtics are out of the playoff picture for the second time in Rondo's career. The first time he missed the playoffs with the Celtics was in his rookie season. The year before the "Big 3" joined forces. I think Rondo should watch the playoffs. This is his job. I know his season is over, but why wouldn't you want to watch others in the playoffs. I would think it would burn a fire underneath Rondo. Maybe Rondo has his own ways to motivate himself.

Re: If he will watch the playoffs:


  1. I hope the reason is that he will be out at the gym in Waltham putting up shots.

  2. For sure, if he's in the gym. Then it's okay, maybe Rondo will take the next couple of weeks then go back in there.