Friday, May 16, 2014

Ainge has an idea of where players stand in draft, waiting on lottery drawing

Where the Celtics land in this years draft could take Ainge into many directions. I believe if Ainge doesn't get one or two, that he may look at 2007 all over again. Ainge could also decide to go another way, unlike the 2007 model. Instead of keeping Rondo like he did Pierce in 2007. Danny could just finally end all ties from the 2008 championship team. Danny is right about where the ping pong balls drop, it could shake things up.

Boston Herald

After assimilating the information gained here, the Celtics will be sweating out Tuesday's draft lottery, which will determine the position of the first of their two draft picks.

"It's an important date, in that I think everybody kind of knows where players stand in the draft," said Ainge. "But once you have the lottery, all of sudden you can put names and faces and possibilities a little more clearly into the equation. So before things can really happen, you have to at least know how things are going to stand with draft order and all that."

The Celts could pick as high as first or as low as eighth, but Ainge isn’t preparing any good luck charms.

"I don’t have any superstitions," he said.

"I don't have the attitude of how important it is, and maybe that's just something I'm hiding. But I'm preparing for whatever happens. I know what is most likely to happen and what I'm hoping will happen are two different things. I'm just prepared either way." ...

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  1. Rondo is gone. I think it's soo so sad. I think Danny is full of it. We HAVE a center in Sully. The most important thing a center does is dominate space. It seems like no one gets this. That is why Perk is important to a top team, even though he has basically no basketball skill at all. He does get it that his job is to control space and establish toughness. He is Loscy. Red would have understood. Danny has no clue. Sully likes to control space. He is our center. What we need is a pf with some length and shotblocking ability. That's where we should be focusing our trade energies. We have a center with great potential, we have depth at pf, we are pretty good at sf, though we could do better, we have a great guard pair, we have the best pg in the game and a great backup for him. We have a lot. We need a pf with some rim-protection ability and finishing ability.