Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ainge says Brad Stevens "wants to be great. He wants his teams to be great.'

Brad Stevens set the tone in his first year in Boston. It wasn't easy, he did lay the ground work for a winning culture. But with Rondo out for the first 45-50 games, Stevens wasn't able to really get the Celtics going. Stevens showed great poise and understanding for the NBA game.

He didn't seem overwhelmed at all, and when he was ejected against the Kings. Stevens didn't even lose it, and he didn't even deserve it. Stevens has potential to be the next great Celtics coach. Keeping Rajpn Rondo and landing Kevin Love will send Stevens down the right path.


"[The veterans] bought into Brad, and they did everything that Brad asked them to do," said second-year man Jared Sullinger. "I think that was huge."

And by the end, the Celtics -- on and off the court -- knew what they had in Brad Stevens.

"He wants to be great," said Celtics basketball boss Danny Ainge. "He wants his teams to be great."

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