Thursday, May 22, 2014

Avery Bradley is exactly where he wants to be, that's in Boston

With the recent Kevin Love storm. Some fans may have forgotten that Bradley is a restricted free-agent this summer. That's a move that Danny needs to review, and Bradley may go elsewhere if Ainge drafts a shooting guard. Bradley wants to stay here, but does Ainge want him enough to out bid any teams who try to sign him and pay him.


"Of course this is where I want to be," Bradley told in a phone interview on Thursday. "I've been in Boston for four years and I love it; I love the fans, the front office. I definitely want to be back."

The one thing that gives me some concern is AB's past health issues. Can he stay healthy enough.

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  1. Hopefully, he doesn't demand too much money. Bradley and Rondo are dynamite. But even if we do draft a sg, Bradley needs to understand that he doesn't seem to be a durable player - we do need some depth behind him.