Friday, May 2, 2014

Brad Stevens reflects on the 2013-14 season that was

The Celtics could be in the Atlanta Hawks shoes right now if the Celtics had finished certain games differently. The Celtics won 25 games, as the Hawks won 39 games, but the Celtics were in so many games. They fought hard all season, and if the Celtics started the season with Rondo. Who knows where the Celtics would be right now. Brad Stevens joined The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN to speaks about his first year in Boston.

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"[Losing] is really hard, there’s no doubt about it," said Stevens. "Our guys competed to the end, our guys prepared to the end, I thought our staff worked with them hard to help continue to develop them, also help to prepare them for each and every last game. In this job, what you do, you do your best, and you learn along the way, and you try to grow along the way. That said, a couple times towards the end of the season -- we’ve got to get better in a lot of areas.

"But I’ve got a long list of things that I’d like to do better myself and I think that’s something that you do regardless, if you lost a lot of games like we did, or if you had a great run and you came up a little short like we did at Butler multiple times. You always do an end-of-the-season self assessment and take time, when you step back and get away from the night-in and night-out grind of the season to really analyze it. The last couple weeks, that’s what I’ve done. I’m obviously eager for Sept. 30 to hit again, because I really feel like I can do a lot of things a lot better."

Stevens sounds hungry to get back out there. He's likely still working every day, looking at film, and trying to find ways to improve his plan for the up coming season. Stevens will get some help through the draft, and the "fireworks" are 50/50 at best for the Celtics this summer. Stevens needs to focus on what he has.

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