Saturday, May 17, 2014

Brad Stevens saying the company line about Rondo rumors

No knock on Stevens, but his answer is pretty much scripted by the Celtics suits. I like the line "He's still around a lot". Like that means something, and that Danny needs a pat on the back or something for that. Anyways, it's great that Rondo is working regardless of the rumors, again and again.


Stevens provided the standard answer that the Celtics have issued after rumored Rondo deal: "It's just speculation."

He's still around a lot, a the [team] facility," Stevens said. "We were out out it early. We didn't make the playoffs. So we have something to speculate about. But it's all speculation. Nothing has come across my plate. We're excited about having him. Excited about him really having a great year next year."


  1. Ainge has a gun to his head.

  2. It really sounds like Rondo will never be in a Celtics uniform again. I will say this: Brad does sound like he really does want to go forward with Rondo. But you said it well, Shawn. It sounded like he was repeating the company line. As you said, Greg - Ainge telling him what to say. I hate this. This is a mistake that will come back to haunt Danny. Rondo has his faults, but he is the best playmaker in the game, and if he ever fully gets his game together, he'll build a legend. I guess for Danny that is too big an if. It isn't for me. IF is all you ever get in sports, until after the fact. When you have a really good IF, you stay with it. No sure things in sports, thank God.

  3. I wrote an article a month ago maybe, saying how this would set the Celtics back. Losing Rondo will also mean bad news for Stevens. Keeping Rondo is the best way to have a contending team soon, rather than 4-5 years from now.

  4. He's the best playmaker in the league now, and can be one of the best alltime if he stops slowing the temp down so much, and especially if Danny gets him some help. IF he picks up his D and starts scoring more he becomes one of the best players in the league. How do you even consider trading a player like this?