Friday, May 30, 2014

Celtics draft news and notes: Smart likely choice for Celtics, meaning what for Rondo?

I see the Celtics drafting Marcus Smart as a bad thing. Why draft a point guard when you clearly have no need for one? Danny drafts him simply because he wants to deal Rondo. That's my opinion on the matter anyway.


5. Utah: Julius Randle, F, Kentucky (=) They have a lot of needs, but ultimately settle on drafting the best available player.

6. Boston: Marcus Smart, G, Oklahoma State (=) Lots of directions to go with this one, but the "Smart" money - pun intended - remains on Marcus Smart.

7. Los Angeles Lakers: Aaron Gordon, F, Arizona (+) Just the kind of low-maintenance, high-energy player the Lakers need.

8. Sacramento: Noah Vonleh, F/C, Indiana (-) A work in progress, but league sources say he's not nearly as big a project as some have

If the Jazz somehow pass on Randle that would be nice. They already have plenty of young bigs, adding to the pot wouldn't make sense to me, even if he's the best player available at number.

ESPN Boston also has an article with Smart coming to Boston.

ESPN's Jeff Goodman unveiled his Mock Draft 3.0 on Thursday and has the Boston Celtics selecting Oklahoma State point guard Marcus Smart at No. 6 and North Carolina State forward T.J. Warren at No. 17.

A snippet on each player: "General manager Danny Ainge likes [Julius] Randle, [Noah] Vonleh and Smart -- but taking a point guard at this spot also would allow him to dangle Rajon Rondo and have a backup plan. ... [Warren is] not an exceptional athlete, but neither was Paul Pierce. Warren can flat-out score, and his perimeter shot is hardly broken."

If the Celtics miss out on Love. I think the Celtics may move on from the Rondo era, and it will be a big mistake.


  1. The developing narrative has been clear, in the media and blogs. Danny has to either put together a contender overnight, or trade Rondo. Does Danny see it that way? The team seems awfully interested in point guards. Can Rondo and Smart share the backcourt? Well, Rondo and Avery have. I could see it.

  2. Rondo can coexist with a point guard who scores first, or a point guard who can play off the ball like Steph Curry

  3. But not necessarily with one who has an alpha attitude