Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Celtics land the 6th pick, at least they beat LA

The Celtics and Lakers were battling for the best possible lottery pick in this years draft. The pick could mean a lot in the Kevin Love sweepstakes, and if that falls through. The Celtics simply have the best spot. The Celtics, who finished in a tie with the Utah Jazz for the fourth-worst record, owned much better odds than the Lakers, and it held true with the Celtics landing the 6th pick and LA 7th.

Boston also owns the No. 17 pick in June’s draft, the first of three picks delivered as part of last summer’s blockbuster trade with the Brooklyn Nets. Will see in time what Danny aims to do with the picks.


  1. I know a lot of fans do not share my view on tanking, and while I'm sure that having an even hire pick would have helped the Celtics even more in whatever their endeavors for this off season may be. But, from the point of view of a person with a pretty fair amount of dignity, I'd like to believe that the teams and/or organizations that I'm interested in operate with that same point of view. And the idea of tanking is in direct conflict with that. I know the rules of the draft pretty much encourage tanking, it doesn't make the idea any less disgusting. One of the biggest reasons I couldn't even write another new article, was because doing the research around the web and listening to other people talk was really disheartening and borderline depressing. That the larger portion of fandom - it didn't seem as though it was happening on this site thank god - were so hell bent on tanking that they would get absolutely beside themselves with anger if/when the Cs won games. So, as much as I want the Cs to be in the best position possible as a fan, the part of me that wanted to reach through my computer and bitch slap members of team tank is not so secretly tickled that low and behold tanking was fools gold! The Cs still have a great pick at 6 in this draft. But I feel like this is karmic backlash to those "fans" However, I can't explain why Karma keeps rewarding the Cavs...I think someone over there sold their soul. I ain't sayin, but I'm just sayin...don't be surprised if a blood sign contract emerges from that organization. That's three #1s in five years correct? I saw a funny post on the Celtics Team Stream on the BR that said "so in a year that the Lakers and Celtics are in the lottery, the NBA decides to help the Cavs?!" Then again it doesn't seem like the Cavs are exactly capitalizing on all the talent they've been able to accumulate.

  2. I agree Nec - tanking is wrong.