Sunday, May 11, 2014

Celtics looking for a center? Jared Sullinger moving back to power forward

Sullinger's dad has been around since Sully arrived from "THE" Ohio State University. He coached his son through school, and now Satch has provided an inside look at what the Celtics may do this summer.


"I think next year he's going to finally get to play his true position of power forward. And so, at that point, he's going to come home and he's going to trim down and shed some pounds, so he gets a quicker step and a little more mobility. Because they've kinda promised him that they're going to get a center."

I know someone out there isn't happy about what Mr.Sullinger said. I think Sully can play center, and I also think it doesn't matter in today's NBA if Sully is a center or power forward. It's the same in some ways now. I do believe Sully should still come out as the center. I also think Sully should keep the bulk, but in a different way, if that makes sense. He needs to tone his body and to build his body in ways that keeps him healthy.

I don't think Sully can hang with the Hibbert's or Howard's of the world, but those guys are a dying bread. Asik is a guy that keeps coming up. I just don't know about him. I like so many other centers out there. Asik is available I suppose, but I'm not huge on him.

Sully is young enough to show what he can do at center this coming season. He's not your typical center, but will see what happens this summer. Sully will be a impact player regardless of where he plays. I think he'll excel at any spot.


  1. Lol. I've been called out. Yeah, I wasn't happy to see that. I think Satch is wrong, and I think the Celtics' brass are wrong. I did read that Sully has an amazing PER as a pf. I see a center who needs more strength in his base. I'm not that thrilled about Asik. I understand he is a top notch defender, and our defense does need that big, long guy back there who can alter shots, but we also badly need somebody who can finish around the basket, considering that we have the best playmaker in the game.

    I mean, for god's sake, just trade Rondo already, since it seems that we have no intention of building a team around him. We've seen what Rondo can do with a run-of-the-mill finisher (Chris Wilcox), and an over-the-hill finisher (Shaq), but heaven forfend we ever get him another one of those. Hell, he might average 20 assists, and we can't have that, because Bob Ryan says it's wrong.

    So I'm not keen on Asik, and I'm not keen on Sully losing weight and shifting to pf. Lose fat, gain strength, especially in the base. PLAY TO HIS STRENGTHS. His strengths, as I see them, are tenacity and willpower down around the hoop, backed up by a powerful, wide body, and balanced with a willingness to move to the perimeter. Let's get a long power forward who can help protect the rim and finish, while also having some ability to work the perimeter.

  2. Sullinger is too short for the 5. He would be much better as a rugged 4 like David West.

  3. Why does he have to be like David West, though? He's who he is. I don't think he is too short for the five. The five is more about controlling space than it is about sheer height.

  4. Not big on Asik. He seems like a drama queen. I'm not sure who to go grab. But I do know Rondo flourishes with guys like Wilcox and Shaq. DeAndre Jordan would be scoring 20 to 25 a night, that's a knock on you Chris Paul.

  5. Rim protection can come from somewhere else than the center. Of course, a shot-swatting center is ideal, everything else equal. If a shorter guy is going to be your center, you want to make up for that with some length elsewhere.

    I swear Greg, if we ever get Rondo together will a real finisher, Katy bar the door...