Monday, May 12, 2014

Danny Ainge getting ready for this weeks NBA draft combine

I'm not a blogger who talks much about college players or the draft. I really don't watch much NCAA hoops. I catch March Madness, but I don't think that qualifies me as an expert. I watch the NBA, and any every game I can through league pass. So I don't have much time to watch college ball.

Danny Ainge on the other hand is paid to watch college hoops, and he's probably up until 4am watching film. Here's the latest from Ainge on the up and coming draft combine.


Danny Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations, says the approach to the draft combine is no different whether you're a lottery team or one that selects near the end of the draft.

"Like everybody else, we go to evaluate the players, just the continued evaluation of them," Ainge told "There are some opportunities to talk with people while you're there as well."

"Plenty of players in the draft now are so much younger," Ainge said. "Kids change, their bodies change. They get stronger and work on their skills. What you see now may be different than what you saw from them in the regular season."

Ainge added, "I've seen a lot of guys that weren't very good at one element of the game, then they got to the combine and there was already marked improvement in that part of their game. A lot of kids have been preparing for the combine camp. It'll be good to see up-close where a lot of guys are right now."

It's been awhile since the Celtics were lottery players, and Ainge hopefully has an idea of what he wants. I'm sure he does, and I think major change will occur with Danny's picks.

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  1. Let's snag a powerforward with rim protection abilities.