Sunday, May 4, 2014

Doc Rivers are you serious? Crying over a game 7 win in the first round

I wish the video quality was better. Because honestly, it was a pathetic scene in LA with Doc Rivers crying over a first round series win. If the Clippers happened to be the 8th seed, and maybe the 7th seed. Then I would say cry all you want Doc. But the Clippers are in the mix to win the Western Conference. This wasn't the championship or the Western Conference championship, it was a first round win. I'm not calling Doc out for crying, or being an emotional coach.

But I thought it was odd that Doc was showing so much emotion in LA. In Boston, he wasn't that thrilled or overjoyed with a first round win. Doc was emotional, but only when Boston won banner 17, and some other moments here and there. But he wasn't crying. Doc should have been balling after the Lakers beat the C's in 2010, and when the Heat won in game seven in 2012.

Maybe I'm bitter because my second favorite team the Warriors lost. I don't know, but Doc was annoying, especially when he tried to pump the crowd up.


  1. Those videos showed no proof of him crying and he didnt.. what a stupid post.

  2. Why wasting someone else's time writing this s*it? No evidence of Rivers crying...

  3. He did look like he was on the verge of tears. I guess it's because of the Sterling thing.

  4. Jeeze.... a bit harsh? As C's people, we are quite familiar w Doc opening Niagara Falls at any minute, any day, any circumstance - the guys always been crazy-emotion. In my opinion, that's one of his compelling personality traits. Anyway, I do believe that, for the Clippers, a 1st round, game 7 win, under the Donald Sterling circumstances (it was still on of the the lead story on Meet the Press this morning), can justify some emotions coming from the Clips players and coaches, especially an emotional dude like Doc...

    Anyway, thanks for this. I will do a similar story on CLNS (and credit you back, of course). I'm interested to gauge our audience on Doc's management of "Niagara Falls" - lol.

    Thanks! Go Celtics!

  5. I'd have to agree that it was an emotional series. If you watched the game Doc was crying, which nothing is wrong with that. I just thought it was odd that Doc got that emotional over a first round series win when its title or bust for the Clippers. It had to be the Sterling thing that got to him.

    1. Where is the proof that he was crying? Its the playoffs of course everyone is going to be emotional jeez way to look like a complete idiot right there.

  6. Mr. Anonymous who gives a crap to what you have to say. You cant even own up and use a real name or user. Are u a Clippers fan. Doc cried. If u watched the game he did, and if you hear the announcer he said he did. Stop trolling and being an ass hat.

  7. I don't mind that he's an emotional guy or that he can got emotional. He was crying after the game, and like I said. He can cry, nothing wrong with that. I just didn't feel that kind of emotion out of Doc in the last two years. Only our of the game 7 loss to Miami in 2012, which is understandable. Otherwise, I don't really like Doc anymore.