Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Has KG played his last game?

A late rally by the Heat, and a Ray Allen dagger sent the Nets packing. It could also mean the last of Kevin Garnett in the NBA. Garnett will be 38 this coming Monday, and honestly I think he has one more year left. KG's minutes were down more than his last season in Boston. I don't know why exactly. I go it in the regular season, but when it came to the playoffs, KG's minutes were still down.

We don't know if Wednesday night is the last time KG walk's through that door. It could be the last time we see Garnett in an NBA game. The day may have come, and maybe his time has come. KG's on borrowed time, and at this point were all guessing on his future. I wouldn't be shocked if KG retires. He didn't seem like himself at times, but in spurts he was the KG that could help change the outcome of any given game.

I'm sure more emotions will come out once KG makes it official, but as of now. I doesn't feel real that Garnett's career may be over.


  1. I think he will give it a lot of thought. He'll be back, and maybe traded, depending what Pierce does.

  2. I could see them running it one more time.