Thursday, May 15, 2014

If the Celtics draft Dante Exum, what does that mean for Rondo?

Exum is expected to be a top-10 pick, and maybe a among the top five selections in this years draft. What does that mean for Rondo? Exum is a 6'6" point guard, and looks like a new age point guard. Some believe you draft the best possible player that's still there for you to draft, and some think you draft with some of your team needs in mind. I don't ideally want Exum drafted, because Rondo is our guy. This could complicate things moving forward.


It's a stretch at this point to consider the 6-foot-6 guard as a viable option with whoever has the No. 1 overall pick which won't be determined until the draft lottery on Tuesday.

But there's no question teams have an even more favorable impression of Exum after spending time with him at the combine.

"He's very polished, confident but not cocky," said one league official who interviewed Exum on Wednesday. "He'll be up and down like every rookie, but he definitely helped himself in being here this week."

One of the first things Exum did on Thursday was clear up the perception that the only team he wants to play for is the Los Angeles Lakers.

"Obviously the Lakers are a very good organization," Exum said. "But I'm in this draft to go to a place where I feel is a good fit for me. Whatever team that is, is the best place for me."

Exum is expected to have interviews with about 10 teams which according to Exum, will include the Boston Celtics.

Becoming more educated on Exum has been the mission for many this week. But he's quick to add that he too is in a learning phase.

"The most important thing I've learned is what gets you on the court is what gets you in the NBA, and most important keeps you in the NBA," Exum said. "That's the one thing I've taken very seriously, is how I prepare for games, prepare for my workouts. That is the one thing that is going to keep me in the NBA so I can have a long career."

I think Rondo is likely out if Exum is drafted, unless Ainge has some other crazy plan.


  1. It's looking more and more like Rondo is out. Rondo's got to keep working on his shooting. Danny wants all new toys.

  2. Then again, Bulpett has some very strong and favorable words about Rondo from Danny. I wish he'd point out that Rondo is the best playmaker in the league, by far, and you start with that - and that's a lot. Larry Bird came into the league fully formed. Rondo is the opposite. He's changed and grown every year.

  3. Rondo, Exum, and Bradley would seem a good 3-guard rotation, assuming Exum can play the 2 and Bradley is resigned . . .

  4. Exum wants to be a pg, and Rondo is a guy who needs to have the ball. Drafting Exum sounds like Rondo = gone.

  5. If you don't think Ainge is looking to work a Rondo trade, your not paying attention. He may still keep Rondo,but Ainge is dipping his foot into the kiddie pool, and the water is warm guys. Ainge is thinking about it. SAD!

  6. IT is really sad, Greg. Rondo has been on the verge of superstardom for several years now. Maybe he'll never make the leap, but if he did, he'd be one of the greatest Celtics ever. Danny has trade fever, and Rondo needs to have the bags packed - but keep working on your game, Rajon.

  7. It's a damn crime that Danny already has the wheels turning. He just can't be satisfied with Rondo for whatever reason. Rondo is more mature than he's given credit,and smart. Don't get it.

    1. Rondo is on the verge of leaving Boston. Why would he want to stay here after this year.

  8. IF I were Rondo I'd be so damned sick and tired of the trade winds.

  9. I am sold on Exum. But drafting Exum wouldn't necessarily mean Rondo is gone. Just to bring a different angle to this. I've heard teams may convert Exum to shooting guard. May not be a bad thing to have a shooting guard with passing ability. Personally, I think Exum has the ability to play both. He could be shooting guard next to Rondo, and takeover as point guard when Rondo is resting/hurt. It could certainly bring a lot of fluidity to the back court.

    On the other hand, I heard that Exum needs to learn to work in his outside shooting. And that he may prefer to play point guard. Time will tell, I guess.