Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kevin Love warming up to the idea of playing in Boston

This Tuesday's draft lottery could determine the Celtics road to rebuilding. The draft pick at the moment seems like it could be moved to land an established star, and the guy right now is Kevin Love. Most Boston fans are in love with this move, for me I'm in love with it for two reasons. First, I think it means Rondo will stay. Trading him away makes no sense if the Celtics land Love. The second thing would be the fact that the Celtics are a step closer to contention. I don't think they'll be title contenders, but close. Here's the latest from Yahoo! sports.


Still, Boston is the sleeper gathering momentum in a process that is still beginning to unfold. The three top prospects in the draft – Kansas’ Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins and Duke’s Jabari Parker – could become franchise cornerstone players in the NBA. Nevertheless, Boston has multiple picks to offer in the next several years as part of a total package for Love, as well as the salary-cap space to perhaps take back an unwanted contract from Minnesota.

Love’s agent Jeff Schwartz and Ainge have a strong relationship and a good working history. Ainge helped another Schwartz client, Paul Pierce, get to a preferred trade destination in Brooklyn a year ago. The Celtics believe they can sell Love on becoming the next big Celtics star, and all the adulation that comes with that for a franchise that has won 17 NBA championships.

Let's be real, the Eastern Conference is weak, and it could change with the Heat potentially breaking up this summer. Love and Rondo is a great plan, but they'll also need another player that's an All-Star quality player. The big question is what will Boston give up to get him? I'm fine with some draft picks, and one of our young guys.


  1. Do it as long as its draft picks and Rondo stays!!!

  2. If we were to get Love keep Rondo another star will come. Celtics will be a champion again in no time. Celts have plenty of chips to trade and Danny will do so. So getting and signing Love would be the key move. But if we are lucky enough to get into the top 3 I may not do it.

  3. If the Celtics get the 4 or 5 pick. Love is in Boston. The Celtics deal that pick along with Sully and maybe one other player or future pick.

  4. Don't give up Sully or a top 5 pick. Green and AB for Love and pick up the best 2 or 5 with the pick.