Saturday, May 17, 2014

NBA Playoffs - second round recap

What I thought: San Antonio Spurs
What I hoped: Portland Trailblazers
I said in the previous round recap that I was rooting for the Blazers. After a couple  of season under the .055 mark, to me Portland looked like a fairy tale this year and I really hoped to see them in the finals. I like the team. But the Spurs showed once again what they’re capable of and the great experience mixed with the incredible amount of talent that they have on the team didn’t give the blazers any chance. The series was decided since the beginning, with San Antonio winning the first two games on the road. Since then, Portland won just a game to avoid the sweep.

What I thought: Oklahoma Thunders
What I hoped: Oklahoma Thunders
I really never liked the Clippers, especially after Chris Paul joined them, followed by Doc Rivers the following year. The first one left New Orleans crying, while the second went to lob-city to follow the point guard he dreamed about. I wanted to see them go out in the first round, and for a moment I feared they could even reach the conference finals. Luckily, once again the golden duo of Oklahoma stepped up when they had to and with big games in game 5 and 6 they brought the Thunders once again in the conference finals, where they’ll have the chance to seek revenge against the Spurs for last year’s loss.

What I thought: Indiana
What I hoped: Indiana
For a team that was not supposed to be here, the Wizard really did an amazing job. Indiana is still not the same team that began the year, but they still know how to play a solid basketball game. I was pretty surprised when they lost the first game at home, but they’ve been able to get back on their feet really quickly, winning three game in a row on the road, before closing out the series in Washington after another loss at home. I hope the Pacers are slowly going back to the team I’ve been used to see because the Conference Final has the chance to be an epic fight. I’m tired to see the same team again in the final for the East, let’s change that please.

What I thought: Miami Heat
What I hoped: Brooklyn Nets
As I previously said, I don’t like neither team, but obviously, I preferred to see the Nets in the Conference Finals. Not that I thought they had a chance. The Atlantic division was not very competitive this year and we can easily see that now in the playoffs. The Nets weren’t strong enough to play a Conference Final.

Now I just have to hope Indiana puts up another great fight, with a different ending compared to the last couple of seasons. 

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  1. I liked the tribute that Wade and Lebron paid to the old Celtics, to the old warriors, saying that the Celtics (Lebron made a point of including Rondo) taught them how to win. It seemed heartfelt, it seemed real, and it was appropriate. I don't usually say this, but big kudos to Le Ego and Le Thug. I may have to make up new nicknames for them! After all, Wade hasn't tried to hurt anyone in a while that I know of. Good for him.

    It was kind of cool to see Doc, that old snakeoil peddlar, cry a few tears. He went to the bat with the officials to cover Paul's back, something he never did with the Cs for Rondo. Nice one, Doc Master Smarm. IT was kind of cool to see ole Chris Paul prove once again that if only he had Kareem, Duncan, Lebron and Jordan on his team, he would surely at least make the conference finals.