Monday, May 5, 2014

Paul Pierce and LeBron James square off again, will it be the last time?

This could be KG and Pierce's last chance at the Heat, and James for that matter. Boston got the best of James twice when he wore the wine and gold for Cleveland. The Heat got the best of Boston in 2011 and 2012. James and Pierce are even in head-to-head playoff series. This series is a tie breaker between the two long rivals. Pierce is past his prime and James is at his peak. Pierce will need to lead in different ways with his athletic ability not the same as it once was.


"I think we are unpredictable," Pierce said of what might present an issue for the Heat. "For the simple fact that even though Joe, he's our leading scorer, but on any given night we've got guys that can step up and be that guy.

"A lot of the contenders, you pretty much know what they present," Pierce added. "Especially with Miami. It's going to be a lot of LeBron, a lot of Wade, a lot of [Chris] Bosh. With us, I think we have about five, six, seven guys that on any given night [can be the guy]. ... So I think that makes us tough to scout and very unpredictable."

I think the Nets have a chance, but it will take a lot of effort and some luck. The Nets matchup well, but they'll face off against the best player in the game. Sometimes matchups mean nothing with the best player on the other side.

Wade thought he wouldn't see his two old foes again.


"We thought when we played them in Boston, we thought we buried them," Wade told reporters, apparently referring to a seven-game series win by Miami in 2012. "Then we got Ray (Allen), Doc (Rivers) left and we were like: 'Yeah, here they go.'"

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