Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rockets still want Rajon Rondo?

It was rumored during the season that the Rockets wanted the services of Rajon Rondo. With their recent quick exit out of the playoffs. The Rockets will likely look to improve quick, especially with the talent level in Houston to build around. They could be a key player away, and it seems like Rondo could be a target this offseason for the Rockets, if not for other teams out there.

ESPN Boston
In assessing the Houston Rockets moving forward after a first-round exit from the playoffs,'s Marc Stein says it's inevitable that general manager Daryl Morey will call Boston to gauge Rajon Rondo's availability:
Carmelo Anthony has been billed as the biggest name Houston will chase hardest come July. It's inevitable that Rockets general manager Daryl Morey will likewise check in his with his old boss Danny Ainge in Boston -- as he did before the trade deadline in February -– just to make sure Rajon Rondo isn’t suddenly available.

Kevin Love isn't nearly as available as Melo will be this summer. He might not be available at all via trade. Yet you can rest assured that Houston will be lobbing frequent calls to Minnesota to test the Wolves' resolve, since Love would complement Howard better than pretty much anyone you could nominate.

Yet it’s also rather reasonable to ask: How much sense does Melo make? Neither Anthony nor Rondo looks like the ideal addition, in terms of skill set, if you're planning to keep the incumbent stars together, whether the concern in question is Anthony's defensive deficiencies on a team already asking Howard and Patrick Beverley to do too much on D ... or Rondo's need to have the ball in his hands as much as Harden.

Rondo could be a player to get a Houston to the next level. Rondo is missed through this years playoffs.

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