Monday, May 5, 2014

Rondo losing ground among best point guards in the NBA

I wrote about trading Rondo,and what it means to do that for Boston's future. Two bloggers spoke about the article briefly on twitter Monday morning.

Rondo's stature as one of the best in the game keeps taking hits. It's a what have you done for me lately sport, and Rondo is behind the ball. CSNNE, spoke about Rondo's stance as a top 5 point guard before the ACL injury, and now Rondo may not even be in the top 10? Rondo is the best play making point guard in the NBA, and maybe even the smartest. But Rondo is flawed in some areas, despite his greatness on the court.
Prior to Rajon Rondo's torn right ACL injury, he was widely considered one of the top five point guards in the NBA.

Today, he may not even be in the top 10.

There's little doubt that Rondo will be a better player next season as his legs continue to get stronger. But even with stronger wheels, Rondo will hard-pressed to regain a spot among the elite point guards in the NBA.

The first round of the playoffs was a coming out party of sorts for point guards such as Portland's Damian Lillard, Washington's John Wall, Memphis' Mike Conley and Atlanta's Jeff Teague.

They join an already crowded VIP club of playmakers that's led by Los Angeles Clippers Chris Paul, Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook and Golden State's Stephen Curry.

And let's not forget about Brooklyn's Deron Williams, Cleveland's Kyrie Irving or San Antonio's Tony Parker who has been the best player for the Spurs the past couple of years.

Rondo's unclear status among his point guard brethren isn't that big a deal for the Boston Celtics. After all, they won a title in 2008 with him at the helm prior to his emergence as one of the game's best passers. But at that time, Rondo was a player on the rise with a long and tremendously bright future.

No one considers Rondo over the hill now that he's 28 years old, but the torn ACL injury has given many a reason to pause before anointing his return to top-5 point guard status.

I clearly believe in Rondo, and you know that if your a regular at this blog. Rondo needs to show the world how great he is again. It's going to take some action from Ainge, to give Rondo the players to win with. Like I've said in the past. It's not that simple for Ainge, but he clearly has the track record to get the job done again. Rondo did pretty good with players who missed a lot of shots, and with players that lacked NBA experience.


  1. Seriously Shawn? this is absolute blasphemous. I think you're forgetting that he is one of the best playoffs players in the league, best passing player, best/one of the best stealing and defenders in the league, one of the best rebounding point guards and one of the best play makers and you're telling me he may not even be a top 10 just because of his lack of scoring? Wow.. you shouldn't even be writing about the Celtics.. just stop please and learn before you write.

  2. Dude you must not read this blog. I'm pro Rondo, and didn't read my article about Danny making a huge mistake if he trades Rondo? I'm trying to point out that Rondo needs to prove to the critics that he is a top ten point guard. I call Rondo the best play maker because he is. Rondo flawed on offense? I don't even say that. I say Rondo is flawed, like most NBA players. Rondo has weaknesses. I agree Rondo is the best rebounding point guard and passer, and in my other post. I say Rondo is one of the best playoff performers. Read this article that I just wrote. I'm a big fan of Rondo, and as I said I believe in him.

  3. whats up with all these trolls lately. He didnt really read this article. CSNNE is the one saying hes not a top 10 point right now.

  4. Im confused by this? Where does Mr.Anonymous get that Shawn is calling Rondo out. I've been around when this site was Celtics Title Town. Shawn has been one of the only bloggers out there who has been pro Rondo. I agree with Greg, back off troll.

  5. Thanks for the support guys. This guy clearly doesn't read this blog.

  6. Rondo, is still one of the best playmakers in the NBA. He needs someone that can drill the ball from outside on a consistent basis. THis will open up the game for the rest of the team. Jimmer Fredette is a free agent this summer bring him in to run the floor with Rondo. Then we will see Rondo averaging 12 - 15 APG and take this young team to the promise land.

  7. He's the best playmaker in the game. But he really does need to upgrade his shooting. Shooting is like a lot of things - you keep getting better, but it doesn't really show that much, and one day it somehow all gels. Now you are a shooter. That moment will come this summer for Rondo, if he works hard, and refuses to take no for an answer.