Friday, May 16, 2014

Rondo's future in Boston still unclear, after Danny Ainge seems intrigued with point guards in this years draft

The Rajon Rondo rumor button has been pressed, and maybe ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has more insight than we think. I admit, I think a lot of what he does is over the top, and that's why he's on TV. He's also been wrong in the past on many odd ball rumors. When it comes to reliable rumors. The man, the myth, the legend that is Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, is one of the few that's right 99% of the time. I haven't seen any Rondo rumors from him, but that doesn't mean there isn't any truth to them.


“Ludicrous” was how Ainge described an report that the New York Knicks had “snubbed” a trade to acquire Rondo from the Boston Celtics, according to the Boston Herald. Smith himself probably gave Ainge a polite golf clap for his ten-cent vocabulary word.

“That’s all speculation,” Ainge told the Herald’s Steve Bulpett. “Those aren’t facts. People don’t know that, so it’s just people speculating on Rondo’s free agency next summer. That’s all that you’re hearing. You’re not hearing any facts from anybody. Those conversations haven’t even been discussed, so that’s just speculation.

With Ainge's new love in Dante Exum, it seems like Danny has a choice or two to make. Dante Exum is a point guard, but on the other hand he's 6'6" and could play shooting guard right? Well, I don't think he wants to do that. I see him as a scoring first point guard, and he seems like a player who needs the ball in his hands like a Rondo. Another player that Danny seems to have some interest in is a point guard as well. Marcus Smart is listed as 6'2", and 6'4", I guess it depends on what site your looking at. Smart could be a point guard, slash shooting guard maybe, but it seems like Ainge is intrigued with point guards in this years draft one way or another.

ESPN Boston

"I sorta like Marcus Smart. I like his fire," Ainge said while appearing on ESPN's combine broadcast during the second day of on-court activities from Quest Multisport in Chicago. "I don’t know all the details of that, haven't researched that yet, but we will look into that. But [it won't affect his draft stock] much. I think he’s a great kid, a great player and I think he’ll have a bright future."

I'm not thrilled with Smart or Exum as draft picks for Boston. Why gamble with what you have? Rondo is proven, and yes I'll say it Rondo is a top 10 point guard. I also believe he's ready to take his top 5 seat back in the best point guards inner circle. Why gamble? Danny Ainge thought about legally changing his name to gamble. Okay that was a bad joke, but you get the point. He loves the big risks, and he may just decide to give up on a piece of the past in Rondo.

I think this years playoffs has shown how great Rondo is and how important he was for the Celtics when they were elite. John Wall was a walking turnover against the Pacers, and Chris Paul made some serious mind blowing mistakes in the Thunder series. Rondo is in that Tony Parker category. Parker is great, but he's always overshadowed and disregarded. Rondo is in the same boat. Parker and Rondo are easily the two best winning point guards in the NBA. The best decision makers without question.

All I can say is that Danny Ainge seems to be open as ever for any possible trade. Rondo is sadly not safe.


  1. I don't care about Woj being right all the time. To me that only means that he is a mouthpiece, who gets tipped off when something is about to happen. I don't think it speaks to his having journalistic integrity, or credibility, at all.

    Danny, as usual, is sending a mixed message, and that's a message in itself. Rondo needs to pack his bags, and keep working harder than he has ever worked. I love the Parker comparison. I'm starting to hate Danny. He basically says that Rondo is a bad leader. Really? This is based on having to play with crap players on a team set up to fail by YOU Danny? Rondo does have a lot to prove, but the notion that he's not a top five pg anymore is ludicrous, if you ask me. HE LOST TWO YEARS TO INJURY, essentially. Even so he managed to maintain an 11 apg average (subtracting his first few rust filled, minutes restricted games back). He needs to fix his game this summer, no mistake. Your best player just has to score more, no two ways about it. He needs to have some bread-and-butter scoring plays.

  2. But let's keep hearing about how great Chris Paul is, about how he'd surely win a championship if only he had quality players around him. Let's keep hearing about how the HOFers made Rondo look good. Let's keep hearing about how Rondo can't get assists without HOFers. He's the best playmaker in the game, and it's not close. It's not close to close. He needs to bring up other aspects of his game.

  3. Chris Paul is a piece of crap who will never win a title. Rondo will get the last laugh.