Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spurs looking for revenge after game 7 loss, something the Celtics couldn't do

The hurt and torture you feel deep inside when your a fan of a pro sports team. The reality of the scalding pain you feel, behind a blind hate for the winning team. The sadness you feel deep inside your soul, that doesn't seem to go away in time. It's not even close to a real tragedy, but when you get lost in thought, it can feel that way.

The Boston Celtics went into the 2010-11 season determined to avenge the game seven loss to the Lakers in the 2010 Finals. The mission was real, and genuine, but along the way the Celtics lost their way, and who they were in the 2010-11 campaign. I think Danny Ainge's biggest mistake came long before the Perkins trade. That trade wouldn't have even happened if Danny Ainge signed Tony Allen in the summer of 2010.

The Marquis Daniels injury wouldn't have been as big or crucial, and so many other domino's would have fallen if Danny retained Tony Allen. As for Tony Allen, he's been a defensive stud, he slowed the league MVP down during stretches in Memphis' first round bout with OKC. Tony Allen overall has been big for the Grizz's success.

The dynamic of the team was strong until the Shaq injury really started to take a toll in early February. Jermaine O'Neal was out at the time, and the injuries continued to come up. The Delonte West project was a bust, and Ainge's reloading was unnecessary to some degree.

Ainge tweaked the 2010 Eastern Conference Champions a little too much. They needed to go big because Perk was out at least until the early part of February. In which he came back a few weeks before February. Danny's need to tinker, hurt the Celtics long before the Perk trade. All of his moves seemed great, and they could have been, and they were until the wheels came off. Ainge went with the flashier moves in the summer of 2010. Not signing Tony Allen was just a miss that goes unnoticed.

The Celtics talked about it all summer and all season. They were haunted by game 7, and determined to avenge that loss, but it never happened. Too much had happened to the roster since that remarkable run in 2010. The Celtics were exposed by Miami in the second round, and of course Rondo's elbow leaves most of us wondering what could have happened if Boston had a healthy Rondo in game 4 in Boston. The Celtics lost in 5 games, and their hope to strike revenge on the Lakers was taken away.
(The Lakers did lose in the second round also, but winning another banner was the end game with or without LA.)

In last years Finals, the Spurs were in the same boat as Boston. The Spurs were on the road, and they nearly pulled off a game seven win on the road. The Spurs also had a 3-2 series, as the Celtics did in the 2010 Finals. The Spurs talked about their haunting game seven loss this year, just like the Celtics did during the 2010-11 season. The only difference is that the Spurs had the best record in the regular season this season, to get home court throughout the playoffs. They also didn't tweak their team much. Which the Celtics did, when they reloaded. The Spurs lost Gary Neal, but they added a low key singing in Marco Belini. The Spurs didn't go out and change much from their 2013 roster.

I have become one of those fans who believe that Ainge screwed things up long before Perk, and that was when he let Tony Allen go. Sometimes less is more, and maybe the big name signings from the summer of 2010 were not worth it. Maybe if Danny brought back Tony, and if he made smaller moves to build the C's. Then maybe things would have played out in a different way. For me the Spurs dominance in the regular season, and in the second round against the Blazers, has reminded me of what was supposed to be in 2010-11. The Spurs look like the best team in the NBA, and prime to beat anyone that gets in the way.

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