Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trading Rajon Rondo would be the biggest mistake in Ainge's career

Did I hook you in with the title of the article? I hope I have your ear for a moment. What has been the trend in this years NBA playoffs? It's simple, do you have an elite NBA point guard? If you do, your likely in the second round of the 2014 NBA playoffs. Out of the 8 teams remaining in this years playoffs, I would 6 teams have top 15 point guards. The Heat have point/forward Lebron James, so maybe 7 out of 8 teams have great point guards. The Pacers are the only team without an All-Star quality point guard.

The rundown:

Spurs-Tony Parker
Thunder- Russell Westbrook
Wizards-John Wall
Nets-Deron Williams
Clippers-Chris Paul
Blazers-Damian Lillard

If you look at some of the losing teams. Stephen Curry nearly beat Chris Paul and the Clippers. Mike Conley has certainty become close to an All-Star quality point guard in the NBA. The losing teams like the Mavs, Rockets, Raptors, Hawks, Bobcats, and Bulls have decent point guards, and of course the Bulls were without Rose, so the case is that you need a top tier point guard to win. That's the new NBA. In the past, NBA point guards didn't have that much power. You had Isiah Thomas, and Magic Johnson who were point guards, who lead their teams to NBA titles. The old NBA wasn't all about NBA point guards, but now the big man has been reformed, and the point guard has become a must, similar to the NFL. It's a quarterback league, and now the NBA could be going down that path with point guards.

With that being said, Rondo has become more vital and key for the Celtics. Rondo is a proven playoff performer, and he's sorely missed right now during this years second season. Rondo has a great resume, and he's proven. He knows how to win, and he wants to win at all costs. Rondo's top 5 or even top 10 level has been forgotten by all. He's no longer a level "A" point guard, he's labeled by many as a level "B" type of point guard.

Many feel that Rondo hung onto the coattails of Pierce and Garnett, but in reality Rondo helped them prolong their careers. Now Danny has the task of moving forward with Rondo as one of the cornerstones of the Boston Celtics. With teams like the Rockets losing in the first round. Their in a major need for a point guard. These teams want Rondo for many reasons. He's that good to get them over the hump, and people see him as that kind of player, because he is.

Rondo may not end up being the best player on the Celtics. But he'll be the most valuable. Rondo is the one to build around, and if you don't see that by now. Then you haven't been watching this years playoffs. Ainge will face many choices this summer, and in the following summer in 2015 when Rondo becomes a free agent. He must avoid the biggest mistake of his tenure, and that mistake would be trading Rondo or letting him go.


  1. Take away the first few games when Rondo was struggling to shake off the rust, and Rondo probably averaged more assists than the league leader, despite no longer having HOFers around him, and having instead players who bricked wide open shots, or took so long to gather themselves for a shot that they had to pass off again much of the time, or couldn't convert in the paint, and so on. He showed himself to be easily the best playmaker in the league. But to some extent it is up to him to show Danny and Stevens this summer that Rondo is ready and determined to take the next step. No more excuses. Next year he has to have a reliable shot. Next year he has to overcome some of his bad habits on defense (matador) and on offense (slowing it down too much). Rondo's commitment this summer, I believe, will make the difference as to whether he is traded or not. And Danny, if Rondo shows that he is committed, then it's time for you to follow through and make it clear that he will not be traded.

  2. The Celtics clearly need Rondo for the long haul. Good topic.