Thursday, May 15, 2014

Who Would Be The Perfect Center For Celtics Next Season?

The attention of the entire NBA world is pointed towards the 2014 NBA Playoffs at the moment and the teams which are still battling for the ticket to the NBA Finals. Nonetheless, for those teams who are not participating in the postseason, the plans for the upcoming 2014 – 2015 season have already started getting cooked up. The Boston Celtics is one of those teams and one that has tons of work to do during the postseason. One of the major needs the team has, an issue it has to solve before the start of the next season is the center spot situation. Let’s examine who could be the ideal center for the Boston Celtics next season.

Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe (10) is fouled by Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger while taking a shot.
Greg Monroe could be the ideal player to fill the center role for the Boston Celtics. In fact, there might not be a better solution, a better option for the C’s this offseason. The Detroit Pistons will most probably not bring Monroe back next season, because it was proven this past season that this three big men lineup with Monroe, Andre Drummond and Josh Smith didn’t work out.

The 23 – year old big man will be a restricted free agent this summer and this means the Boston Celtics could agree on a sign and trade deal with the Pistons to bring Monroe onboard. Now, which pieces could the Celtics offer to persuade the Pistons to ship them Monroe? Well, the answer is simple. Jeff Green could be a player the Pistons would be eager to acquire and at the same time, he is a player the Celtics would happily trade away to land Monroe.

Although Jeff Green played well during the last couple of seasons, he is not as good as the C’s expected him to be when they acquired him from OKC. Now, the Detroit Pistons have to change that big lineup they used last season and they will most probably have to switch Josh Smith back to his usual spot, the power forward one. With Greg Monroe gone, Drummond could be switched at center, Smith at the power forward and if Jeff Green was acquired by Detroit, he could be an ideal option for the starting small forward role.

Now, Monroe to Boston makes perfect sense. He is still very young and he could turn out to be the next franchise center for Boston and he also seems to be a perfect fit alongside Rajon Rondo. The two of them could work on pick and roll situations and combine to get the Celtics’ offense going. On top of that, Monroe and Jarred Sullinger could form a powerful one – two punch in the frontcourt and with Kelly Olynyk coming off the bench, the Celtics would have one the best combinations of young big men in the league.

So, at the moment, there doesn't seem to be a better option for the Celtics than Greg Monroe, when it comes to potential center acquisitions.

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  1. Well, I think we have a center. Sully. That said, Monroe is certainly taller, though he's not much of a shotblocker. He seems to have a nifty all-around game, like Sully, though I guess Sullinger likes the perimeter more. As I understand it, Monroe is more comfortable at pf. I'm not sure how true that is. Perhaps he and Sully would be a good duo. But I think what we need is a powerforward with shotblocking ability. I'd rather have Josh Smith, assuming he can do something about his shot selection.

  2. I'd love for Perk to come back and partner with Sully in the front court. But I'm a bit prejudiced since Perk is and has been my favorite player since his rookie season.

  3. I'd like to see Perk back, but maybe coming off the bench.

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