Monday, June 16, 2014

Brad Stevens talks about draft workouts: June 17

Brad Stevens has been at work, looking at nearly 50 potential players in the last few weeks.

The list with Napier being the start of the show Monday.

Keith Appling (Michigan State)

Dave Dudzinski (Holy Cross)

Jermaine Marshall (Arizona State)

Markel Starks (Georgetown)

Tyler Stone (Southeast Missouri)

Austin Ainge spoke about the Monday workout, and a bit about Rondo from the 2006 workouts.

ESPN Boston

"It’s hard because guys are really ragged, I mean, they are really burnt out by the time the draft rolls around," Ainge said. "Some of these guys do 10, 15, 20 workouts and so it’s kind of case-by-case basis. We may bring a couple guys back, we haven't decided yet. We have not set any up for callbacks."

The Celtics are tentatively scheduled to hold two more group workouts this week. Callbacks could come in the days or hours leading up to the draft, as has happened in previous seasons. Ainge even singled out one such instance on Monday, noting how the Celtics brought guards Rajon Rondo and Marcus Williams to Waltham in advance of the 2006 NBA draft.

"Sometimes you bring them back and you still can’t [decide]. But sometimes you bring them back and it’s a knockout punch," Ainge said. "We did that with Rondo and his draft day. We brought him back with Marcus Williams from UConn and it was clear in the workouts that Rondo was just a cut above. And that helped us a lot."


  1. Glad to see Austin out there these days. Sure its by design.

  2. I don't want us to be like the Spurs