Monday, June 23, 2014

Brad Stevens working harder than most NBA coaches heading into the draft

Brad Stevens loves basketball, and his work ethic is well known, and on point as the Celtics coach. This summer has been no different for the second year coach. He's been apart of the draft workouts all summer, and it's not surprising considering his background in college hoops.

"I think the coach has to have input because of the fact that it's his system, he's going to actually be the guy with the players every day," said Welsh. "The ultimate decision is going to come down to the general manager and his staff because they do all the scouting, they're going to do all the leg work."

Celtics coach Brad Stevens has been very involved in the prospect workouts. leading up to the Draft. Why is Stevens more involved than other coaches in the league?

"I think that was part of it when he took the job," said Welsh. "That he wanted to be involved, and he made that known before he came to Boston. Not that he's going to have the final say, but he's going to have the input, and thats the respect level that Danny Ainge has for Brad Stevens."

I can't wait to see how Brad Stevens approaches his second year. I want to see what he runs, and what he's learned after year one. Things could be totally different depending on what happens on or after draft night.


  1. I'm losing interest. I don't want to be the Fake Spurs.

  2. Be yourself, don't try to copycat the Spurs. Take some things, but at the end of the day do what you know at the highest level.