Friday, June 20, 2014

Celtics look to go all in this year, or they'll blow it up by trading Rondo

My biggest fear is that Ainge is unable to bring guys like Love to play with Rondo. If he can't Danny will be faced with dealing Rondo. He's not getting any younger, and honestly its not fair to Rondo and the Celtics to waste time. It would pain me to see Rondo go. I believe he's a player you can build around.

He's in his prime, and he can't waste it on a rebuild.

Steve Bulpett says:

"If the Celtics cannot get Love, they are planning to continue with the longer and more methodical rebuilding process, a process that would likely see Rajon Rondo traded. (An NBA source said they would also have a taker for Jeff Green if they chose to move him.)"


  1. I can't say what Ainge is thinking. As we saw with the Perk trade, his head is sometime stuffed with green cheese. But in my view, the notion that Rondo must be traded if we don't land some big fish this summer is just nonsense. I don't think any of the arguments made for that hold water, at all. But that doesn't mean that it isn't what Danny thinks. Sometimes I wonder if Danny does think at all, or if he just listens to all the courtiers around him and does what they think.

  2. His head is stuffed with cotton candy.Danny needs to get this deal done.