Friday, June 20, 2014

Celtics Morning Joe: Pay Riley takes a jab at LeBron, an Rondo believes that James may need a change

Author's note:
(Celtics Morning Joe is back. I'm sorry for some of the late posts on breaking stories and the lack of some of my detailed articles from the past. My real job has been keeping me busy as it should. So with the draft coming, and the free agent period opening in a couple weeks. I will do my best to report quick and with some detailed reporting.)

I've taken my fair share of jabs at James. He's one of the best of All-Time. I admit that, but I never see him reaching top 5 status as many think he will or could. I believe he could, but his mental mindset always comes through, even after LeBron has won back-to-back titles. I even believe Kobe ranks closer to the top of All-Time players. I'm looking for that certain desire to win and to be great. Sometimes I feel like James could do more, if that makes sense.

He's clearly the best on the planet right now, with the skills to make others around him better. Along with the ability to take games over. The Finals ended with James losing his 3rd Finals in 5 attempts for LeBron. The 2007 Finals that had James taking the rag tag crew to the final round. That loss doesn't really mean much to me. The loss to Dallas and this year mean more in his legacy. I won't get into it about James, he's great, but his level of greatness reaches higher because of ESPN..

So I'll let LeBron's boss call out James this time.


I grew up loathing Pat Riley. As a lifelong Celtics fan, how could I not? The dude created Showtime and gave Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas their Gordon Gekko character in Wall Street. Mr. Slick and Successful made me ill.

Today that all changed. I cheered out loud for Pat Riley. Next thing you know I’ll buy a Phil Jackson book.

“I am pissed,” said Riley when opened his end-of-the-season press conference today in Miami. Then he sent a message to LeBron James.

“You’ve got to stay together if you got the guts, and you don’t find the first door and run out of it.”

James has the history of running? So is that remark for him? Maybe or maybe not. Perhaps Riley is calling out the entire team. Unless Riley is playing the mental approach to retain James. LeBron ran to Miami after the Celtics ousted his Cavs in 2010. He couldn't beat the Celtics, so he had to form the super team. Maybe Riley is pointing to that. It's a clear sign to me that the Heat are far from winning another title, but of course they can win the weak East.

How does Rondo feel about James leaving Miami?

Should LeBron James have some doubts about staying in Miami?
"I definitely think he should have some doubts. Especially the way they played in the Finals, it doesn't look too great how they ended the season, and it's not about making it to the Finals, it's about winning for those guys."

How big of a factor should Dwyane Wade's "declining health" be in LeBron's decision to return?

'The way he showed up in the Finals, [LeBron] may have some doubts... my sidekick guy, my go to guy. If I don't have the ball rolling who can I defer to? It didn't look like those guys could go to Wade, or even Bosh in the Finals."

For me James should stay in Miami, or go back to Cleveland. Don't run to another team. James wants to avoid being known as a ring chaser. If he cares to be the best ever, then staying put or leaving for Cleveland is the only way.


  1. I could see him going to the Lakers.

    1. He would lose more respect without a doubt. He'll do it.