Monday, June 23, 2014

Do the Celtics still have a chance at Love without a trade draft night?

A big part of the Love deal includes the Celtics 6th pick, and 17th pick this Thursday. What if Minnesota, and the Celtics can't come to terms Thursday, or what if Minnesota wants to hold off longer to see what's out there. Most trades that happen on draft night are tricky. If the Celtics and Wolves want to deal draft night. The Celtics will likely draft players that the Wolves want. So if no deal is set, the Celtics will draft players they want of course. What would Minnesota want if they don't get the 6th and 17th pick.

Over at Celtics Life, they hope that Love stays for one more season in Minnesota. They hope the Celtics use the 6th and 17th pick to get some young "pieces", and that Love signs this summer in Boston. That sounds dandy, but knowing Danny, and also going by some reports. Danny wants to strike gold this summer, and if he doesn't Rondo is out. Love won't come to Boston if Rondo isn't here. That's pretty clear. Love will go to the Lakers over Boston if Rondo is playing for Houston or Indiana.

So I disagree with C's Life about Love. In theory it works, but Rondo is gone at the trade deadline if the Celtics either don't play well, or if they don't have another star player alongside Rondo. I would love to see patience from Ainge when it comes to Rondo next summer. But I get the feeling that Ainge will deal him if he's unable to set the fireworks off.


  1. Danny has been itching to trade Rondo for years.

  2. I agree, a deal that doesn't happen this summer means the end of Rondo. The Kings really want them,and it's rumored that they have 3 trades in the works heading into draft night..