Monday, June 9, 2014

Grande believes Carmelo would have a chance to become a legend with the Celtics

Anthony in Boston still feels weird to me, and I believe the chance of it happening is slim to known. Things could change if Boston wins the Love sweepstakes, but even that may not pull Melo from New York. I'm still on the fence about Melo in green, but I don't want to waste much time on the thought of it happening. Love to me seems legit, and Melo seems more like a story that has zero to back it up.


"Carmelo Anthony will be in the Hall of Fame." said Grande. "If for some reason, some miracle Carmelo Anthony got here and played the second half of his career in Boston. Not only would he become a beloved figure, his number would go to the rafters."

If Melo can channel his inner 2009 Melo, than I wouldn't mind him in Boston. The Melo from the past few seasons, no thanks.


  1. Big statement by Grande.. I don't believe him though.

  2. I do believe him. I think that Melo in Boston could be, as he says, a legend. Rondo as Russell, KLove as Heinie, Bradley as KC Jones and Melo as ...let's just say that Boston has quite a great tradition of small forwards!

  3. You wrote three paragraphs and I could count up to 3 mistakes made. I'm far from a grammar nazi but if someone like me can stumble on mistakes written by a professional writer and notice it, then that's bad. Just saying. It shouldn't take you that much time to go back and review what you post as a writer. It's just lazy work.

    As far as the topic, I would love to have Melo. I've been preaching it for as long as I can remember now and I agree with the quote, he'd be a legend in green without a doubt.

    1. Nobody's perfect. I love what he writes regardless. Go back into the unknown Mr. Unknown.

  4. His style is his own. It's fine.

  5. Thanks for me calling a professional writer. Sometimes I'm limited on time, so I rush sometimes. Missing some basic stuff at times. I have a real job. This is my joy in my free time. Thanks for stopping by.