Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is Danny's attempt at the number one pick for Kevin Love?

I still have no idea how Ainge gets the first pick. I'm good with him trying if he keeps Rondo. Would Cleveland want Jeff Green and the 6th pick? Bob Neumeir thinks it's the Celtics looking to deal the top pick for Love. Do you think that's what Ainge wants? I think Ainge and the Celtics won't get the first pick.


"If they want this pick, and this is legitimate, it's not because they want Jabari Parker," said Marc Bertrand. "It's because they want Andrew Wiggins. That is their type of player."

Bob Neumeier doesn't believe the Celtics would hold on to the No. 1 pick if they acquired it from Cleveland.

"The more natural reaction to me is this is a prelude to the Kevin Love deal," said Neumeier. "This is much more valuable to Minnesota, the fact that they could pick number one."

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