Friday, June 6, 2014

LeBron James takes a lot of heat after crampgate, does he deserve the criticism?

I love to hate on James like the next guy, and I love to say Jordan and Bird are better. But for LeBron's recent scandal.. I don't know what to think. Bird played in more than a few games in the old Boston Garden that were hotter than game 1 Thursday night. But I feel James would have gone if he truly could have. I've had some bad cramping, and I know I can't do much after, let along run up and down a basketball court.

Of course Bird put up 34 points and had 17 rebounds, going 15-for-20 from the floor in the "heat game" in the 1984 Finals. Bird and Jordan both played in games that they shouldn't have. So why couldn't James play in the final 4 minutes last night, with the Heat in striking distance? Are leg camps hereditary as one ESPN radio host said this past morning. I didn't find much on that argument, but I did find some basic stuff concerning cramps. I found that they pass in a matter of minutes, and James did give it a go again after he walked out the first time in game 1.

I don't really care much about this story, as I usually would. James is one of the best of All-Time, but I would never call him Jordan or Bird. He's never had their toughness and grit. He's faster and stronger compared to Bird and Jordan. And the better athlete, but basketball is mental. James is a smart player, but Bird and Jordan were smarter. Their mental toughness, and their ability to play through pain is legendary. James has always been viewed as a little soft.

I don't care much about this story, and comparing Bird and James, or James and Jordan. I'm just done with it. Bird and Jordan will always have an edge over James in my book, regardless of crampgate, or any other story.

"For obvious reasons, I was angry, I was disappointed in myself," James said Friday. "I did everything that I needed to do to prepare for this game, prepare for this moment and to feel like my body failed me. ... I was angry in the fact that I couldn't help my team get over the hump. In a huge Game 1, I wanted to make a statement."


  1. I can't get worked up over it either.

  2. Game 4 of the 1997 Finals... Where was Jordan at??

    1. Your point? That's the past, they won the damn series you stupid Heat fan,

    2. The point is that LeBron is not the only one to ask out of a Finals game with cramps. Why is he getting so much hate if it is only game 1?

  3. Cramps are vicious. CAn't play with a cramp.