Sunday, June 1, 2014

Love is in need of the Celtics, to become the biggest star possible

Kevin Love is a superstar on many levels, but coming to Boston would allow Love to reach a new level of being a star in the NBA. Playing for a professional team in Boston is one of the best gigs. I'm not saying that as someone that's a Boston sports fan. Outside of my love for the Celtics, sadly I'm a Cleveland Browns fan, and a Cleveland Indians fan. But I know how big it is for pro athletes to play in Boston. Tom Brady, and David Ortiz are big stars in the NFL and MLB. My point is, Boston is the best spot for Love because, lets face it Boston has a top 5 fanbase if not the best.

The Boston market is a top 5 market when it comes to endorsements, and other notoriety in your sport. I don't know if any other team can offer that to Love, besides the Lakers, who have very little assets for Love. The possible trade comes back to Love. If he doesn't sign off on Boston. I still doubt Ainge gambles for Love, even though Ainge loves to gamble. If Love wants the Lakers, then that could be the Wolves best deal. Love's desire to sign an extension could stop teams moving forward. I need to say it, but Love will likely not sign off on any Cleveland trade, unless LeBron goes back early in the free agent process.

Love's career needs a change.. He's out West in a very tough Western Conference in a market that very few players want to play in. The Wolves had been ran pretty poorly, until Flip Saunders returned to fix some things. But Love is in need of some playoff success, and just an overall bigger market that is Boston. Love and Rondo could easily lead this club to the playoffs. And who knows, maybe the Celtics are able to make another deal, or they'll sign a free agent this summer.

The biggest step may have happened when Rondo, and some of the local sports stars reached out to Love. The biggest reach out was of course Rondo meeting up with Love. Rondo, could assist Love in becoming a top 5 or top 10 player. Love is this close, and Rondo knows how to get the best out of the star power around him. I can see him doing that with Love. The Celtics are in need of Love, but perhaps Love needs Boston more.

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  1. Rondo needs a scorer to pass to, though he also needs to be a scorer himself. But man it was hard watching him last year when he was passing to guys who had to take three seconds to gather themselves for a shot, even though they knew the pass was coming and were waiting for it - i mean that stuff was painful - and Rondo still averaged 11 apg when he got going!! Best playmaker in the game, by far.