Thursday, June 26, 2014

No Kevin Love, and Rondo is still in green

Nothing big happened Thursday night, nothing for anyone out there. Unless you count the Heat deal that gave them Napier, to please LeBron. That move could mean something for him and the Heat. As for the Celtics Thursday night. The fireworks are still locked up in the storage room next to the janitors closet at the Celtics practice facility. For me fireworks could mean a lot of things. I've seen some great firework shows, and I've seen some amateur shows that don't compare to the bigger upscale shows in the big cities.

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck hinted that the Garnett trade didn't happen until July 31st. Which is true, but the Ray Allen trade happened on draft night in 2007 that set the KG deal in motion. For me an avid Rondo fan. Tonight was a win, unless you factor in the Celtics drafting Smart at number 6. Danny says it means nothing for Rondo, but it's hard to believe sometimes coming from Danny Ainge.

This draft night was boring, compared to past years. Look at last year when the Celtics traded Pierce and KG. Now that's fireworks. I'll be honest, I'm done with this entire fireworks nonsense. I hate to say it, but those comments came from Wyc,and Danny followed. Maybe it was a way to sale tickets to season ticket holders for next year.

I want the big move, and I want the Love move, but maybe there's another way. I feel like the Celtics need a big move to retain Rondo. If they strike out, I believe Danny moves the All-Star point guard before camp. But what if that player turns out to be someone without the name Love. I have no idea who the Celtics have as a backup for a failed Kevin Love trade.


But Ainge wasn't willing to concede that next season would be a rebuilding one focused on developing young players. Not because he believes the current roster is ready to contend. But because it's a long offseason with endless possibilities. And no trade deadline in sight.

"We'll see," Ainge said. "We'll see what happens the rest of the summer. Not sure yet. It's too early to say that. That's an emphasis always to develop young players so we're always trying to do that. But how many of them we have, and what our final roster is? I don't know. But we're very excited about these two guys and our young core right now."

Content, yet still leaving his options open. That sounds more like the Trader Danny we all know.

Anything can happen from now to September when the Celtics head into camp.


  1. I think Smart, AB, Pressey, Young and Rondo could be, perhaps, a great backcourt, though they will really have to work on their shooting. But will Danny even give them a chance?

  2. Danny loves the guards who can't shoot well. Rondo has improved, and Bradley has improved leaps and bounds.

  3. Rondo needs to work on it this summer like a man truly on a mission - i wonder if he will, though?