Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rondo and Love meet up at Sox game, lets hope there is love in the air

This is what I was waiting for. We knew Love was in Boston this weekend, with many photos showing a happy Kevin Love. When reports had Love going to the Red Sox game today. I thought what if Rondo shows up? Rondo showed up,and now all of us are wondering, what's going on? This is great, Rondo is selling Boston to Love. When have Love and Rondo hooked up out in public? I would say never. I like the fact that Rondo appears to be on board for a possible trade, because I know I am.


  1. This is very exciting!!! Love how Rondo's shoes are as big as Love's!

  2. Rondo's hands probably are. This is legit.

  3. Rondo "dude you will score 30 a night, and I'll get 15 assists a night"