Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rondo putting in sometime with the young Celtics

Rondo has been busy this summer, shooting commercials, and going on Good Morning America. Rondo has also been busy working out with his young team. Something that shows what kind of leader he is in my book, and it shows where Rondo wants to go with this team. Rondo's never been a guy who quits on his team, and who wants to bolt. He wants things to work out in Boston, and I think he'll get a chance to see it happen.

Mass Live (Jay King)

Rondo working out with youngsters

Most Celtics working out at the team's facility this summer are young and not very established. Among those to have been spotted: Kelly Olynyk, Chris Babb, Phil Pressey, Colton Iverson and Jared Sullinger. None of those guys have played in a single playoff game. The oldest of the group is Iverson, 24, who spent last year in Turkey and will need to impress the Boston coaching staff in order to make next season's roster.

And then there's Rajon Rondo, a four-time All-Star who normally spends the summer elsewhere. Two weeks ago, he explained his choice to spend a lot of his time in Waltham, pointing out that "obviously I want to continue to get my knee stronger. My kids are still in school here, so I have no reason to go anywhere else."

I hope Pressey can be the backup of the future for Rondo. A point guard who can allow Rondo to get some rest. I love the fact that both of them are working out this summer. Keep it up Rondo..


  1. I think Pressey and Rondo are a great combo of starter and backup. But Rondo needs to push the pace more, as Heinie pointed out late last season, rather strongly. Rondo is the best transition pg in the league, but he doesn't push it enough. Bad habits from the Big Three era, I think.

  2. pressey will be great with Rondo for years to come. Where are u Bradley?

  3. Good question, Greg. Where is Bradley? Hanging out with Terry whatsisname?

  4. Bradley is caught up in being a free agent. Maybe he's gone.