Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Celtics need a center, but who do you like?

The dream is Kevin Love, but does he fix the need for another big? The Celtics will need someone who can protect the rim, but I don't know if the Celtics need any of the guys available. Greg Monroe or Gortat? I like Gortat, but at the end of the day. I don't see a need in over paying for a center, especially in today's NBA.


Greg Monroe

At 6-11, 250 pounds, he has great size for the center position while possessing the basketball skills to play a more traditional power forward spot.

But in terms of rim protection, Monroe's play leaves a lot to be desired.

He appeared in all 82 games for Detroit last season, blocking a less-than-impressive 0.6 shots per game. And when it came to protecting the basket, opponents shot 51.2 percent against him at the rim and the team's defensive rating with him on the floor was 107.8.

Marcin Gortat

He is not your prototypical shot-blocking/altering type around the basket. He's physical, pushes guys around and adds a certain amount of toughness that every teams needs more of these days.

In Washington, he averaged a near double-double of 13.2 points and 9.5 rebounds to go along with 1.5 blocked shots per game.

I would like another stab at it with Kris Humphries on a good contract. Compared to over paying Monroe or Gortat. I do like Gortat, but I don't know if I pay him over 5 million a season. Monroe is still a bit to raw for me. I would like Love and Sully, and to see who Danny can get on a smaller deal.

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  1. Got to just repeat myself. If Sully can add some power, especially down low, I think he'll be able to push people around down low. I'd rather have a pf who can block shots.